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Quantum Black Core Rules Revised

$ 44.99

What is Quantum Black?

Quantum Black is a roleplaying game that uses the lightning fast Ubiquity rules engine. The players will find themselves immersed in a ground breaking, fast paced cinematic action-oriented horror game. The feel of Quantum Black will be familiar to the players, as The Quantum Black Setting builds on the ideas of many of their favorite horror-action-oriented books and movies. The default campaign setting, takes place in a slightly different near future, where supernatural horrors are real and they are growing worse by the day. Evil cults, horrors from beyond time and space, witches, vampires and demons all rise to terrorize this world. Someone needs to stop them. The characters have taken up this challenge as secretive agents of a powerful megacorporation. The characters are not independent operatives, nor are they government agents. They have neither the freedom nor the isolation of independent heroes. The corporation serves as a powerful patron who often sends them on missions. They will have better equipment than most heroes in a horror game, whether independent or government. However, unlike government supported heroes, they lack legal authority for their action.

The horrors in the world of Quantum Black are growing…  This book is the first in a series of books that will chronicle the escalation of the threats to the world. While this book covers cosmic horrors, rest assured that this is the tip of a monstrous iceberg. As the chronicle continues, other threats will emerge, and the characters might confront a menagerie of terrors, including vampires, zombies, warlocks and demons. The characters will have to learn what is causing the growing threat and what can be done to halt it. Welcome to world of Quantum Black, the modern-day action-horror roleplaying game. The revised edition cleans up some typographic errors and uses a more concise layout to make game information easier to use for players and game masters.