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Qalidar: Resistance RPG - Basic

$ 9.99

Explore the multiverse of Qalidar, a crumbling cosmos full of nightmares and conspiracies. This fast, d20-based role-playing game contains a complete scenario, pre-generated characters, and all the rules you need to to play the game up to fifth level. In addition to the quick start materials, this book contains character creation rules, information on traveling through the Storm and exploring the Spiral, and an extra set of aliens and creatures beyond the ones that came with the scenario.

Qalidar is a name for the cracks spreading out from a hole in time, and for the pits one drops into when falling through those cracks. Perhaps most famously, it refers to a starless city at the heart of the spiral where three roads named for the three gorgon sisters converge. 

The Cave of Crystal Souls (scenario): Far away from the rest of civilization, nestled in the shoulders of a great mountain, is a town called Halscia. The people of Halscia have always lived simple, serene lives, untouched by the troubles of the outer world. But now they sleep restlessly, haunted by shadowy figures tunneling into their dreams. Their homes and their mountain have been infiltrated by an enemy they can't understand or even see.