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Qalidar: Echo of Mandala

$ 15.00

The inhabitants of the lost land never called it Mandala. The Shard Sages came up with that, peering into the past and finding a strange void where something wonderful should have been. Nor are the ruins at Qalidar the ruins of Mandala. They're shadows, shadows cast by light drawn inward, swirling in the Storm, raging around drifting islands of crumbling matter before plunging into the hole in space and time left by the great land that never was.

Qalidar is a dark city where shadows fall from across time and space. It is as close to a home as anyone has ever found for the perytons, and its paths through the Storm connect worlds that were never meant to meet.

Like its previous incarnations, this edition of the Qalidar setting, updated for the Peryton Fantasy RPG, also provides new creatures, new alchemical components & other treasures, a short adventure (a PerytonRPG-only version of Snow) to get you started, and rules for traversing the Storm.