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Prehistorica: RPG (5E)

$ 19.99

The fourth Play Weird (5e) book takes you back in time to when the familiar species of fantasy gaming were young, the world was new, and anything was possible.

More than just a list of new species, Prehistorica (5e) can be used as the basis for campaigns set in the Stone Age or a portion of your game world that features peoples of an earlier era. Inside you will find:

  • Six new species, all reimaginings of the familiar species of fantasy adventure gaming. The ever-hungry AEsino, tree dwelling Arana, imaginative Cueva, ancient Duende, living stone Enano, and the six dinosaur-folk hatching forms of the Lagarto.
  • Four new backgrounds suitable for any wilderness themed campaign.
  • The Spirit Touched sorcerous origin and Totem Spirit warlock patron
  • A host of Paleolithic and Neolithic inspired equipment and magic.
  • A hundred entry trinket table perfect for your prehistoric campaigns.

 Play weird, my friends, play weird.