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Powers Unlimited Two

$ 20.99

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The world of Heroes Unlimited™ continues to expand with ideas, rules and tables for creating a wide range of new and different kinds of superbeings. Immortals, demigods, genetic creations and abominations, ancient weapon maniacs, Supersoldiers and more.

Just one small corner of the infinite Palladium Megaverse®! Limited only by your imagination.™

  • 11 new power categories and numerous subsets of heroes.
  • Immortals, Empowered, Natural Genius, and the strange Gestalt heroes.
  • Inventions and symbiotic organisms that instill super abilities.
  • Supersoldiers and genetically engineered “designer” heroes.
  • Heroes with weaknesses, heroes with Minor abilities, and more.
  • Ideas galore for creating superhumans and comic book style adventures.
  • 96 pages of wonderment by Bellaire, Siembieda, and others.