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Powers Unlimited Three

$ 20.99

133 new, unique, weird, frightening, and amazing super abilities for your Heroes Unlimited™ campaigns (Minor, Major, and new Animal Abilities). Including such abilities as Absorb Matter, Alter Physical Structure: Energy, Dwarfing, Earth Possession, Ectoplasmic Webbing, Enlarge Items, Force Strike, Illusions, Junkyard, Life Leech, Matter Expulsion: Bone, Pixie Dust, Slime Generation, Transfixing Gaze, and Zombie Flesh, among many others.

Just one small corner of the infinite Palladium Megaverse®! Limited only by your Imagination.™

  • 133 new Super Abilities and numerous sub-powers.
  • 46 new Minor Super Abilities.
  • 77 new Major Super Abilities.
  • 19 new types of Alter Physical Structure.
  • 10 new Animal Ability types.
  • New Random Power Tables.