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Pinebox, TX Middle School: GM Screen + Adventure

$ 19.99

     This screen features stunning artwork and helps keep the principal’s tests fair (AKA the GM’s surprises for players). It also includes a 32-page adventure book, which includes two separate adventures: The Curse of Wilson Quarry by Tracy Sizemore:  In this adventure, the heroes of Pinebox Middle School investigate a strange epidemic of nightmares in which a few of their fellow students dream of falling from dangerous heights. The dreams seem to be accompanied by nosebleeds at first, and then much worse, as each kid falls further and further in their nightmares, getting closer and closer to their doom. Teachers and doctors have no idea what is causing the dreams or the resulting loss of blood, but the investigators soon discover an ancient, invisible horror has been in residence at Wilson Quarry since 1929 and now threatens the lives of all the children in Golan County. The gang is tested to their limits as they discover the Quarry’s history, it’s victims, a trio of ghostly unsung heroes, and a mysterious old woman only known as “the witch” on their way to confronting a terrifying monster the adults around them are scarcely capable of even understanding, much less believing. Can the crew put a stop to these nightmares and save their friends before it’s too late?
     Dark Rites of the Yellow Woman by Ed Wetterman: The Junior Rangers of Post 101 and friends have been invited on a guest “Hike and Camp” in the Big Thicket with Ranger Captain Miles Scott. A day of hiking and a night of ghost stories give way to a very real nightmare, as the troop and guests become trapped in an area haunted by an ancient malevolent presence known as the Yellow Woman. The adults are attacked and the kids are on their own to discover the secrets of the horrifying spirit and the five mounds of power meant to imprison her—barely discernible in an area around a location once known as Tanner’s Hill. Creepy sightings, weird happening, and dark, ancient magic are at play, and the kids must find a way to subdue this frightening embodiment of evil once and for all in order to escape!