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PFRPG 02: Old Ones, for Palladium Fantasy RPG 2nd Edition

$ 26.99

Second Edition Book Two: Old Ones: An updated version of the original title with rules modifications, new information about the Old Ones, additional new artwork and a new cover. Still contains the maps and descriptions of 34 major communities in and around the Timiro Kingdom. Plus adventure in the mysterious Dwarven ruins known as the Place of Magic. The dreaded Old Ones and six adventures.

The Old Ones is a giant adventure/sourcebook for the Palladium RPG. The nine adventures range from short, one night scenarios to two epic adventures that can easily turn into a campaign (one took five months to play-test)!

Furthermore, Old Ones is the largest book of cities ever published!! It contains 34 towns and cities (and 21 forts), all clearly mapped and described. Major shops, production centers, thieves' guilds, royalty, temples and notable personalities are included with brief descriptions. Each town or city is unique, with its own set of virtues and problems. The entire Timiro Kingdom is laid at your fingertips. It also introduces two NEW optional character classes: the Illusionist and the Monk. A variety of encounter tables, travel rules and illustrations complete this hefty tome.

Highlights Include:

  • 56 Maps
  • 34 Towns and Cities; 21 Forts.
  • New Character Classes.
  • Several Adventures, including the epic Place of Magic.
  • 224 pages - Written by Kevin Siembieda