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Paths of Power II: Paths of Blood (Pathfinder)

$ 39.99

Sometimes Destiny Chooses You

A path to power begins at birth. Destiny guides the upbringing of those it chooses. Whether dwarf or elf, human or tiefling, a character’s heritage is their first defining feature. It is their racial makeup, their bloodline, their familial heritage. It often dictates where they are going, and sometimes offers them strange and odd powers few others have access to.

With Paths of Power II: Paths of Blood, you now have new options for your character’s race – new templates and alternate races, new feats, and new flaws. More than just alternate racial features, Paths of Blood are varied and strong.

Your path to destiny still involves many choices, and the road you follow may be vastly different than another, with class choices, feats, and spells far from the typical.

Paths of Power II: Paths of Blood offers you numerous options for all the core races, plus templates for turning any race into a tiefling, aasimar or other planar-heritage race. Also inside are eight new base classes, a new prestige class, a new alternate monk class, plus archetypes for cavaliers, monks, and the base classes introduced in the first Paths of Power. Included are new flaws, feats, spells, weapons, and magic items.

With Paths of Blood, you can build a truly unique character, whose destiny began at birth!