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Paranoia: New Edition - The Accomplice Book

$ 49.99

Of course, the main Paranoia rulebook is perfect. Maybe even the perfectest. But you know what would make that even more perfecter? A companion book! But since this is Paranoia, it is called the Paranoia Accomplice Book. This is the Accomplice Book. Inside, you will find a bunch of rules and content for your next Paranoia mission so your players are confused, a bit worried, and having a blast. Have you got older editions of paranoia? Here you will find instructions for using old rules with the new edition. If you like commendation points, registered mutants, and older secret societies, they are back! That old mission you kept all these years can still be run!

     Want to create your own missions but are unsure what to do exactly. Welcome the return of the Mission Blender: a system that picks out villains, allies, and situations typical of Paranoia. Want to drop alpha complex celebrities into your missions? Now you have stats for Teela-O-MLY, Captain Alpha, Funbot, and an entire cast more of characters. Want a more custom experience? You get a number of optional rules to customise the game: non-competitive character creation (ha!), spending Moxie anonymously, and for those who love their combat a bit crunchy, hit points and stat-based initiative. How about some brand-new stuff? More Alpha Complex celebrities, Top 5 lists, gear, prescription meds1, advancing in your secret society, linking promotions to XP Points, and slang Troubleshooters use to communicate without getting arrested by IntSec. There is even a Paranoia glossary defining terms like Code 7, funball, public hating squares, and why we call ourselves Famous Game Designers. (Protip: We are sarcastic.)