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Palladium Fantasy RPG Book 9: The Baalgor Wastelands

$ 26.99

This is an epic adventure sourcebook detailing the notorious Baalgor Wastelands -- Eandroth tribes, Gromek war-bands, monstrous raiders, forgotten catacombs, pirates, Minotaurs and much more.

  • New player O.C.C.s and optional monster R.C.C.s.
  • New monsters and more info on old menaces.
  • History of the legendary, monster-filled region and its tragic ties to the Elf-Dwarf War.
  • Maps and world information.
  • Adventures and adventure ideas.

Page Count: 216 pages.
Cover by: John Zeleznik.
Interior Art: Ramon Perez and Kent Burles.
Written by: Bill Coffin.