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Palladium Fantasy RPG Book 17: Mysteries of Magic #1 - The Heart of Magic

$ 20.99

The Heart of Magic™ is packed with new information, details and new insight about magic, P.P.E., the Palladium World, Men of Magic, Wizards, Warlocks, Priests, Familiars, true names, apprenticeship, scroll conversion, learning magic, new and different magic O.C.C.s, new Wizard and Warlock spells, and data that expands, defines and clarifies a number of aspects about the practice of magic in the Palladium Fantasy setting. New O.C.C.s and spells can be dropped into any S.D.C. setting and easily adapted to Rifts®.

  • Theories on how magic works. The history of magic.
  • New insights about magic, the Palladium World, and Men of Magic.
  • Greater insight to magic and how different aspects work.
  • A closer look at the Wizard O.C.C.
  • Wizards and apprenticeship, Familiars, scroll conversion, auras, jobs, guilds, spell books, learning new spells, new skills and more.
  • True names, the mystery behind them, the danger of revealing them, how to change them.
  • The Forsaken Mage O.C.C., driven against all odds.
  • Half-Wizard O.C.C., a split-class spell caster.
  • Priest variants: Healer, Scholar and Warrior.
  • New Wizard spells.
  • New Warlock spells and more.