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Palladium Fantasy RPG Book 14: Land of the Damned One - Chaos Lands

$ 26.99

The Land of the Damned is too large to cover in one book, so it will be presented as a series of three, big, 224 page, "stand-alone" books that will explore and describe the various unexplored regions of this forbidding land. It will also reveal the strange creatures and beings who dominate the land, many extinct elsewhere in the world, as well as the dark powers that rule.

Land of the Damned #1: Chaos Lands™

  • Key people and places.
  • Exotic new monsters, adventure and more.
  • Ancient dark secrets.
  • New monsters and races (some leftover from the Age of Chaos).
  • Over a dozen new demons.
  • Over 200 adventure hooks and ideas between the history of the land, the tall tales, rumors and lie tables and the portals to other world tables.
  • Maps and adventure ideas.
  • Information on the Great Rift and Northern Mountains.