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Palladium Fantasy RPG Book 12: The Library of Bletherad

$ 24.99

An in-depth look at the fabled Great Library and the many secrets and avenues of adventure it holds. Key leaders, history, enemies, danger and adventure await inside.

  • 21 legendary rune weapons.
  • Shadowcasting and Fulmination magic.
  • Spirit Magic, Cold & Ice Magic, and more.
  • Over 50 new spells in all.
  • Ancient ruins, forgotten history and hidden secrets.
  • The Library of Bletherad described and outlined.
  • History, political intrigue and conspiracies.
  • The Zealotry - fanatical Purifiers.
  • The Monks of Bletherad plus the secret Guardians.
  • Adventure ideas, subplots, and maps.
  • Written by Bill Coffin.
  • 160 pages.