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Palladium Book of Exotic Weapons

$ 10.99

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100+ strange and deadly weapons from around the world throughout history.

  • Axes of all kinds – Bullova, Hurlbats.
  • Knives like the Tjaluk, Katar, Kukri, Kris, Bracelet Dagger, Bagh Nakh/Tiger Claws, and more.
  • Swords like the Beheading Sword, Shotel, Sickle Swords, Lantern Sword, Boarsword, and more.
  • Throwing irons like the Chakram, Kangaroo Rat, Shaken, Piau, and others.
  • Throwing sticks like the Boomerang and Eskimo and African throwing sticks.
  • War clubs like the Nunchaku, Tonfa, Maquahuilt, Kotiate and others.
  • Pole arms from the Pike and Runka to the Roman Pilum and Fuscina trident.
  • Staves and sword staves, spear shields, flails, blowpipes, and fighting whips.
  • All real world weapons from around the globe and throughout history.
  • Easily adaptable to ANY role-playing game regardless of the rules system. Completely compatible with all Palladium Books RPGs from Palladium Fantasy RPG® and Heroes Unlimited™ to Dead Reign® and Rifts®.