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Old Ones Rising

$ 39.99

     Award-winning terrors for your Cthulhu Mythos gaming! OLD ONES RISING is a 280-page compilation of issues 18 through 21 of The Unspeakable Oath, the Ennie Award-winning magazine of Cthulhu Mythos role-playing games. Old Ones Rising includes:

Eight ready-to-play scenarios! Four for Call of Cthulhu (“Dog Will Hunt,” “Suited and Booted,” “She Just Couldn’t Stay Away (No, No),” and “The Man With a Thousand Faces”), one for Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game (“Let’s Learn Aklo!”), one for Trail of Cthulhu (“The Brick Kiln”), one for Cthulhu Dark (“Sukakpak”) plus the core Cthulhu Dark rules, and a playset for Fiasco (“Unaussprechlichen Klutzen”).

Arcane artifacts, mysterious manuscripts, and “Tale of Terror” scenario seeds to add to your campaigns.

Evocative microfiction.

Commentary by editor-in-chief Shane Ivey in the “Dread Page of Azathoth.”

In-depth articles to broaden your gaming experience and horrify your players. The corrupt Egyptian pharaoh Nephren-Ka...the Chapel of Contemplation, which expands on the classic scenario “The Haunting”...the horrors of the Depression-era Dust Bowl...a modern-day occultist in over her head...the deadly and loathsome paramours of Y’golonac...and the historical Assassins...and “Directives from A-Cell” for Delta Green.