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Oathbound: Domains of the Forge (d20)

$ 29.95

By Greg Dent, Jim Butler, and Todd Morasch

Prepare to immerse yourself in a new world, one that has existed since before the consciousness of most cultures yet still holds mysteries that baffle mortal minds. Pulled from worlds across the cosmos, the Domains of the Forge serve as a strange mixing grounds of cultures, races, and ideologies. Those who visit the world come away forever changed, their hearts, souls, and bodies marked by their experiences while within the world of the Oathbound.

The Forge is a bizarre and godless orphan world in which only the greatest can hope to survive. Seven mysterious figures watch over the Forge and populate it with ambitious souls from thousand of different worlds and planes, pitting them all against each other in an eternal battle for ultimate power. For eons upon eons, mortals have battled on the face of the Forge, gradually building a rich world of powerful magics, massive ruins, forgotten secrets, and complex politics. Now it is your turn...

Seven Bound...

They are the four-horned Feathered Fowl, once great champions of a god lost to memory. Now, they have been turned against him and bound to serve as jailors of a divine prison. Straining against the confines of their Oaths, they scour the multiverse seeking the greatest of the grand, ripping them from their homes and bringing them to the Forge.

Domains of the Forge
The divine power of the trapped god seeps into the land and its heroes, imbuing them with great powers and abilities. Unique prestige classes give insight into the world's mysteries and allow heroes to thrive within its borders, leaving them forever changed.

A countless wealth of races, cultures, magic, and knowledge has been pulled to the land from millions of other worlds, woven into a unique tapestry that is the Forge. You will be forever altered.

Oathbound: Domains of the Forge is a capstone setting designed for use with any d20 campaign world (or even as a world unto itself). Heroes are pulled into the world from their homelands for either a brief stay, extended visit, or a lifetime of opportunity. The choice is yours.