New Kingdoms (Upon a Fable Expansion)

$ 29.99

Push your Upon a Fable board game to the next level with this magical mega-expansion pack! Two new and growing kingdoms have recently been discovered in the land of the Fables, and now up to 7-8 players can explore the fairy tale realms in a single game. In addition to the extra game boards, player boards, and game tokens in this expansion, you'll also find over 100 new game cards, including two new card types: Enchantment cards that allow you to disrupt your opponents' strategies while defending your own, and Ever After cards that mimic game board spaces and earn you magical treasures each round. When combined with the Upon a Fable base board game, the New Kingdoms expansion adds even more excitement and fun that'll keep your players coming back to the table again and again!Note: This is not a complete game and requires the base game to play.