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Net Warrior, Set 1, Mini-Game #71 PDF

$ 4.99

Little Lil activated her Ram shield and charged the big security officer.  The thug had an avatar shaped like a giant ogre, swinging a huge club.  Course what Little Lil was seeing and what the real officer looked like where two different things.  She knew for a fact that this particular guard was a chubby, little mouse of a man.  As the ogre swung its club, Lil hit her Skip program and blew past the other avatar like it wasn’t even there. “Now to hit the Data Vault,” She thought, “Before the rest of the corporate security goons showed up and made this data theft more difficult then it should be. This is net Warriors another great S&G Mini-Game from Avalon Games.  Taking the S&G skirmish game system and place it in a far future world of internet warriors and data goons, you and your friends can now engage in battles across the data fields of the web.