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Necropolis 2350 - The Last Word PDF

$ 6.99


The Ordo is launching a recruitment drive at the Shrine of St. Malachy, a famous visionary from Earth's history, and the Knights are ordered to win over hearts and minds. In addition to the recruitment operation, the Knights must also liaise regarding security of the shrine with its permanent guardians, the militant nuns of the Sisters of Bradamante.

What should be a quiet mission quickly breaks down into violence and mayhem. The theft of a precious relic by a force more powerful than anything the Knights have faced before leads them on a desperate mission.

But the creature they must face is nothing compared to the horrors revealed in a prophecy. St, Malachy, dead for a millennium, will yet speak his Last Word.

This Necropolis: 2350 adventure combines roleplaying and combat away from the frontlines of Salus' battlefields. It also introduces the Sisters of Bradamante as a player character option.