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Necropolis 2350 - Tales from the Frontline #01 PDF

$ 7.50

You've joined the Sacri Ordines, you've earned your sword, and now you're waiting eagerly for the call to battle? Wait no longer, brave Knights!

Inside this adventure pack you'll find:

• Snatch and Grab: A full-length adventure in which the Knights are ordered to secure unusual Rephaim specimens for scientific study. Alone in a hostile city, the Knights need to act quickly and quietly.

• A Cardinal Error: Cardinal Vespasian, head of the Office of Agriculture, has been kidnapped by separatists seeking to join the Union of Corporations. To ensure a safe rescue, and make other kidnappers think twice about daring to use force against the Church and its officials, the Pope has personally ordered the Sacri Ordines to conduct a televised rescue mission. The orders for this short adventure are brutally simple-rescue the prisoners, kill the kidnappers.

• Three Short Adventures: When someone higher up the chain of command makes a mistake, it's left to the Knights to appear live on the Church's home-shopping channel to sell merchandize! Aiding another Preceptory, the Knights are assigned to walk the beat and police the streets. Have they got what it takes to deal with the public without resorting to violence? In the third adventure, a rescue mission leads to a terrifying discovery (this mission also details a new Dangerous Secret the WM can use in his own Necropolis 2350 adventures).

• WM Appendix: Contains a quick system for creating non-combat missions, and additional Mission Tables to give the WM more choice in the sorts of combat adventures he runs.

• Bestiary: Every stat you need to run the adventures is included to reduce book-flipping during play! Includes two new forms of Rephaim and two variants on the zombie stat block-sniper and grenadier.