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Necropolis 2350 Player's Guide PDF (Savage Worlds)

$ 14.99

What is Necropolis 2350?
Necropolis 2350 is a sci-fi horror setting set in the 24th century. In these dark days, mankind, divided into two main camps, stands on the brink of extinction.

The focus of the game is on Knights of the fictional Third Reformation Church, who are locked in desperate battle against "undead" invaders known as the Rephaim. While the heroes of humanity use advanced weapons and vehicles and can call upon the power of faith, the twisted Rephaim are masters of necromancy and wield vile technology created from living tissue.

The Crunchy Bits
Necropolis 2350 contains...

* Over 40 new Edges and Hindrances for grunts and leaders on the battlefields of the 24th century
* A variety of new gear and vehicles utilized by the Third Reformation Church.
* An overview of the weapons and vehicles of the Union of Corporations.
* New powers for those of strong faith.
* Special rules for the Rephaim's necromantic technology, including weapon stats.
* Specific setting rules, including artillery and air support, and minefields.
* A detailed adventure generator, allowing a GM to create missions with just a few die rolls.
* Full stats for dozens of allies and opponents.

Page Count: 70

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