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Necropolis 2350 - Figure Flats Pack #2: Rephaim 1 PDF

$ 5.00

Pack #2 of the Necropolis figure flat collection. Contains Rephaim figures from Zombies to a Hellbeast!

In this pack:

Armored Zombies (4 poses)
Exploding Corpse
Gas Zombie
Zombie Mine
Napalm Zombie
Spore Zombie
Zombie Infantry Support
Zombie Infantry (4 poses)
Winged Zombies (2 poses)
Hellbeast (huge 3D model)
Ghouls (4 poses)
Inuqisitor Malus
Corrupt Priest
Cultists (4 poses)
Dark Knights (4 poses)
Dark Knight Infantry Support
Dark Knight Officer
Gray Bloodmist (S,M,L Templates)
Red Bllodmist (S,M,L Templates)
Circle of Flesh (S, M, L Templates)
Lighting Storm (S, M, L Templates)
Putrimental (S, M, L Templates)
Rat Swarm (S, M, L Templates)