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Necropolis 2350: 2351-55 Update (Savage Worlds)

$ 24.99

Hell Just Got Worse!

The 2351-55 Update is an expansion for the Necropolis 2350 setting and expands the Necropolis timeline beyond the core book.

Designed for both players and War Masters, each chapter covers one core aspect of the epic struggle. Much of the new material is designed to be drip-fed into your ongoing campaign, allowing players to witness the ongoing struggle to gain battlefield superiority.

The 2351-55 Update contains:

• Three new Sacri Ordines and a new form of specialist Knight.
• New Edges and Hindrances, including Ordo-specific Edges.
• New litanies.
• New Church armor, mundane gear, and weapons, including ten new types of grenade and six new forms of artillery warhead.
• Eleven new Church vehicles.
• Setting rules for impaling foes, preset artillery coordinates, a new artillery piece, the devastating Unchained Angel call sign, and more.
• Sections on the Ordines’ battle flags, an overview of the various types of Lances, a sample Preceptory, and an expanded glossary.
• Expanded Church background information.
• A Corporate update with alternate artillery and air support tables, a new Arcane Background, and new vehicles.
• A Rephaim update detailing necromantic cysts, fanes, new necromantic armor, weapons, and gizmos, new spells, and a new special ability for necromancers.
• Thirteen additional heresies and secret projects.
• An overview of the major conflicts between 2351 and 2355.
• Nine Savage Tales.
• An expanded bestiary covering Church, Union, and Rephaim forces.
• Gamma Front—a complete campaign setting.

Author: Paul ‘Wiggy’ Wade-Williams & Jeffrey Womack

Page Count: 106