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Mystic Adventures PDF

$ 6.99

Mystic Adventures is a simple to play but complex game of exploration, war and adventure, a game where endless hours can be devoted to mastering the many possible strategies needed to win. Using a system of tiles to create the map board, each game becomes a unique experience, one that is different from all others played before.

In Mystic Adventures, players take on the role of a great hero , wizard or villain. As they move about the game's many different lands, they will encounter adventures, monsters, treasures and magic. All the while the characters that the players control try to complete their quest, one that will see them conquer the world and defeat all their rivals.

Mystic Adventures includes all of the following...
A fully illustrated, 37 page set of rules.
Over 50 monstrous followers, each with its own counter.
10 player characters and 20 heroes.
60 spells cards, over 80 adventure cards and more.