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Mystic Adventures, Outer Planes PDF

$ 4.99

The eather of the astral planes swirled around you as the demon approached. The foul beast of the lower planes had been stalking you for days now as you moved about the outer planes of reality. Now you will have to face it and the terrible power it holds. Should you defeat the demon though, well, the reward of the gods was no small blessing, especially if you meant to take that blessing and return to the mortal spheres. Your destiny of becoming king over the whole of the mystic lands was at hand...

Mystic Adventures, Outer Planes is the latest expansion in the mystic adventures game system. Take your quest into the outer reaches of reality, explore the lower planes of the damned and then move on to the halls of the gods. The elemental planes call to you, and if you answer, you can command their powers. This expansion will offer players a whole new realm of adventure, one that is dangerous, but whose rewards are great.

Mystic Adventures, Outer Planes comes with 7 new, fully illustrated and colored map tile and 11 new battle mats.
Several new monstrous followers and game counters.
New Spell, adventure and treasure cards.
Over 30 pages of new rules, charts and information

Mystic Advantures is calling, so seek out the adventures...