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Mystic Adventures, Magic PDF

$ 2.49

You stand before your foe as the power of the elemental forces flow through you. The ability to create or destroy mingles with the magic about you as you cast your spell, turning the dragon into stone.

This is the power of magic, and the mystic lands is full of powerful spell casters, each able to draw on the elemental powers, or even on the forces of creation and entropy.

Mystic Adventures, Magic, expands the magical rules of the mystic adventures game, adding new spells, new powers and now the ability to forge magical items.

Six new PC's come with this expansion, the Lich, the Magi, the Elven Princess, the Dark Elf, the dreaded Anti Paladin and the vile Witch.

18 new spells, and a new spell type, the Meta Spell.

Rules for creating magical items and more, more, more.

Mystic Adventures is calling to you, so join the fun.