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Mystic Adventures, City PDF

$ 4.99

The crowds push against your shoulders as you try to press your way down the street, but even over the heads of the men and woman you can spy the blue tile rooftops of castle Mordenhelm. You think on that great castle for a moment, the fortress has been the home to many a king. Someday it will be yours as well, you ponder, when you rule all these fools about you.

Mystic Adventure, City, is the second expansion to the Mystic Adventures game system. City takes one of the most important places in the mystic lands, the city of Mordenhelm, and expands upon what you can do there. No longer is it just a small region among many, but now a place all to itself. Enter the walls of this great city and you can find all you might need in your quest to become the ruler of the lands about you. Wealth, power, lore and danger all wait for those that brave the many city streets and back allies of this great metropolis.

Mystic Adventures, City, comes with a whole lot more stuff for your Mystic Adventures Games
Four new city map tiles, each in full color.
Four new PC and heroes.
Over 70 new cards, more counters, more rules, more, more more....

Mystic Adventures is call you....