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Call of Cthulhu: Murder of Crows

$ 12.00

A 1920s Call of Cthulhu Adventure

For centuries, crows have been regarded as creatures of ill omen. They have been linked to death, pestilence, and the Devil himself. Merely seeing a few of these birds perched on the roof of a house has, at times, been enough to give rise to rumors that the residents dabbled in the black arts.

Of course, all of these examples are just superstition. Crows have no actual supernatural powers, they are no more than scavengers that go wherever there is likely to be enough weak prey or rotting carcasses to keep them well fed. Perhaps that is why we feel so uneasy when we see flocks of them wheeling in the sky-it means that somewhere nearby an unsavory feast is about to take place.

But in a world filled with things man was not meant to know, the common crow may have access to information beyond our mortal ken. So when a flock of crows takes up roost in the woods surrounding in a sleepy little town, and the number in the flock grows daily, perchance these birds are heralding some great evil soon to befall the town and its inhabitants. Maybe they see what we cannot-that a feast is coming soon, and we are on the menu.

Published by Super Genius Games. Written by Stan!; editing: R. Hyrum Savage; cartography: Stan!. Cover Art: Luis Guaragna, interior art: Luis Guaragna, Stan!. 32 pages, with handouts. 8.5 x 11" saddle-stapled book.