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Monsters of Porphyra 2

$ 39.99

Challenges beyond Measure...
     On a planet divided by faith in the Gods and devotion to the Elemental Lords, all must pick sides, or be caught between unstoppable forces. In these splendidly illustrated pages are dozens of creatures both fell and benign for use by Game Masters—and players, too—for the Lands of Porphyra Campaign Setting. With Monsters of Porphyra 2 you will be able to hunt the skywhales of the Reversed Lands, hold back the incursion of the Oncoming Wave by destroying its servant the Rotwood, summon amalgessi proteans from the realms of the Slithering Symphony, and gain the favor of powerful Lung Dragons. All monsters are complete with statistics to play, background, and a depiction of the creature, be it ally or enemy. Purple Duck Games brings you its second full-length bestiary of converted gamer favorites and intriguing new selections, in the OGL tradition that considers fans and supporters first. This tome also is another great leap in the support of Purple Duck’s campaign setting of Lands of Porphyra, supported by many products already in circulation and the target of many more to come! Take a glance at the fractured cosmos populated by beasts and beings wondrous and strange...

Monsters of Porphyra Includes:
• More than 120 different monsters including many new monsters.
• More than 6 reimagined monster templates.
• Foes from across all challenge ratings, environments, and monster types.
• New animal companions and monster cohorts.
• Notes for each monster for use with the Lands of Porphyra campaign setting!
• And so much more...