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Shadows of Esteren: Monastery of Tuath

$ 30.00

A medieval role-playing game with a horrific and gothic influence




Shadows of Esteren is a medieval role-playing game with horrific and Gothic overtones. Drawing inspiration from Celtic myths, this universe has a discreetly fantastic side under a bleak, realistic surface. This world is populated by humans who have to cope with a harsh daily life and supernatural threats lurking in the dark. Focused on investigation and survival scenarios, Shadows of Esteren is a game in which the atmosphere and the interactions among the players are paramount.

Tuath is the fourth book of the Shadows of Esteren series. It is focused on the Temple faction and features a large investigation scenario inspired by The Name of the Rose, as well as several game aids. Contents include:


A 50 pages supplement:

  • The Temple and the Religious Life: An aid sheet which tackles the commitment to one order of the Clergy, the organization of the spiritual life as well as the optional rule of the « Six Vows » and its impact on the Characters.
  • The Monasteries of the One: Some details about the daily life of the monks and the organization of the monasteries.
  • The Monastery of Tuath: A religious institution of the Temple in a Gwidrite valley, near the Talkéride border, described with all its residents.
  • « Vengeful Words »: An investigation scenario in the monastery of Tuath, inspired from The Name of the Rose, a true adventure set behind closed doors which lead the Characters to the discovery of a sinister secret.


Game aids:

  • clue cards and suspect cards,
  • summary of the scenario
  • chronology of the scenario
  • summary of the clues
  • documents for the Players
  • Map of the monastery