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Mini-Dungeon Tome II Limited Edition (5E)

$ 79.99

Over 140 adventures for 5e: Adventure, anywhere! The handy pocket edition of the Mini-Dungeon Tome II is easy to bring along wherever you go! Mini-Dungeons are setting-agnostic adventures that span two pages per adventure and are designed specifically so you can run them with little or no preparation. With a new and improved layout, detailed indexes organizing adventures by terrain and level, an index of monsters used, and diverse arrays of challenges, ranging from roleplaying-focused scenarios to tactical mini-games and encounters, the Mini-Dungeon Tome II is sure to deliver! 

     In it you will: Explore a lost temple in a fungal jungle in Grant Simpson’s Forgotten Dark Dealings. Deal with the fallout of the fabled giant beanstalk’s collapse in David Schwartz’s The Bean Legacy. An undying, sports-obsessed pharaoh challenges you to a game in Joshua Hennington’s Coffin Ball. Halt the advance of a beast-man army in William Fischer’s Chaos at the Gates. Explore a dread complex where, literally, the Floor is Spiders, courtesy of Claire Stricklin. Stop the dreaded rites of the Deep Ones in Tony Ohrazda’s Deep Ones’ Doom 

…and so much more! From the classic to the unconventional, from the underworld to space: Make your game more awesome, with AAW Games’ Mini-Dungeon Tome II!