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Metamorphosis Alpha RPG 4th Edition

$ 29.99

Metamorphosis Alpha 4th Edition is the 4th edition of the world's first Sci-Fi RPG. It is designed to be playable, and not to get bogged down in rules. It is flexible, and values fun over mechanics.

The game is an independent product, developed by a small team of dedicated gamers, supervised by James M. Ward himself.

The game has evolved a lot since 1976. The new version of the game has tried to emulate the original 32 page book, in that the mechanics are simple and functional. The adventure begins, as per the original, on the Starship Warden, a massive ship that has experienced disaster.

Rather than just simple radiation, as in the first edition, the ship has been exposed to radiation, mutation-causing substances and aliens. It is a busy place to wake up in!

This version of the rules uses a system called "3d6", and is most definitely not d20 or d20 compatible.

3d6 was used in MA3e, and as is appropriate, these rules have evolved, resulting in (we believe) a flexible, detailed system that is easy to learn, yet capable of handling anything that a group of players cares to throw at it.