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Mermaid Adventures RPG PDF

$ 9.99

In this game, players of all ages take the role of different types of underwater people who reside in Atlantis, the kingdom beneath the sea. Mermaid Adventures takes a lot of inspiration from The Little Mermaid, but also the adventurous elements of Hook or the fantastic elements of movies like Stardust. Choose from:

Fishfolk: Traditional mermaids with beautifully colored scales. They are the most curious of all the mermaids.
Eelfolk: Joyful pranksters with a slippery bottom half of an eel. Amazing friends that are seemingly always happy.
Octofolk: Mermaids with the bottom half of an octopus. They are the most magical of all of the mermaids.
Sharkfolk: Big and strong, but most are gentle giants. Sharkfolk obviously surpass others at physical activities.
Jellyfolk: Mischievous tricksters with the body of a jellyfish. Sometimes they are too clever for their own good.
Lobsterfolk: Often more charming than others, the Lobsterfolk people have a hard shell to protect themselves if their words ever land them in trouble.
Rayfolk: Merfolk with the body of a stingray, lovers of going where they're not supposed to go by flattening their body.
Urchinfolk: Obsessed with magic, these spiny merfolk have the body of sea urchins.