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Mekton: Starblade Battalion

$ 18.00


From the ashes of the Cyberpunk Age, through ecological holocaust and the spectre of extinction, Humanity has finally risen, like a phoenix, to conquer the stars.

But, the years of savage rebirth have also torn Mankind into two bitterly opposed factions. Led by the powerful and arrogant Solingen Corporation, the Expansionists are determined to drag the peaceful colony worlds of the Pleiades onto the path of uncontrolled exploitation and growth. They are opposed by the fanatical eco-zealots of the Gaian Circle, whose domination of the United Stellar States Alliance threatens to crush the Colonies under the weight of tyrannical conservatism and ecological rigidity. Now, the very stars are aflame as mighty Meldons and galactic dreadnaughts rage across the interstellar night in the self-righteous fury of the Total War.

Only one thing can stop the countdown to destruction -- The Starblade Battalion. A renegade band of mechajocks, scouts, and outsiders, this alliance of disaffected from a dozen worlds represents Mankind's last chance to live in harmony with the Galaxy ... and himself. But can the Battalion do it before both sides annihilate each other -- and the human race?

  • Starblade Battalion Mekton is a complete Role Playing Campaign setting for Mekton Zeta and includes:
  • In-depth information on both the Pleiades Confederation and the United Stellar States Alliance.
  • Stats and profiles on the major characters of both sides and of the fledgling Starblade Battalion
  • Complete stats for over 20 new Mektons and Ships.
  • Guidelines and new careers for characters in the Starblade Battalion universe.
  • New technology -- including cybernetics for Mekton Zeta
  • An entire future history which is one possible extrapolation of the Cyberpunk 2020 future!