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Mage War, Horns of War, Mini-Game #44 PDF

$ 2.49

With a grunt, Drungar pulled his battleaxe out of the rotted skull of the undead before him. He and his brother warriors had been slaying these nightmarish things for days, holding the pass open so their king's army could escape to the south. The war with the necomancer had been going poor, and even with her highness, the seer, and her magical sight, they had yet to catch a brake. 

"Thing ain't going good are they Hugo," Drungar commented as he lifted his battleaxe once more in a might blow upon a shambling undead. Hugo did not answer with his customary oaths so Drungar took a brief look to his right, only to see a ghoul feasting on his brother warrior's dead remains. With a cry of savage disgust, the dwarf cleaved the undead as it devoured his friend, cutting the damned thing in two. 

"No, things are no going well at all," the dwarf said to himself as he turned to cut down more undead as they crowed in around him. 

This is Mage Wars, another great Mini-Game from Avalon Games. Mage Wars is a fast, fun game of magical conquest and war. Can your forces defeat your rivals before they grind you under their boot? Fully expandable, the system will showcase two new mages with each edition, as well as new hex boards, troops, magic and more. Gathered together, these different editions will create a massive game system which will devour hours of your time, so be warned, this game can be additive. 

This third set covers the forces and magic of the Seer and the evil Necromancer. Each set comes with enough counters, map tiles and goodies to play, and when combined with other sets you create a massive game system where several players can struggle for control of the magical realms of Mage War.

Note that this is not a compete game and requires that you have a copy of Mini-Game #40, Mage Wars, Call to Arms.