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Mage War, Clash of Steel, Mini-Game #42 PDF

$ 2.49

With the sound of horns the elves released their bowstrings, a hail of arrows arching into the air, death on black fletched shafts. Men died across the battlefield as the rain of elven bow fire found targets among the desert folk's ranks.

With a surge the armored human warriors marched to slay the elven rangers before them, but then all stopped as a mighty roar issued from the wood behind the elves. With a bestial cry the elven god of the woods stepped out of the trees and charge his people's foes, foliage and death raging towards the desert men.

This is Mage Wars, another great game series from Avalon Games. Mage Wars is a fast, fun game of magical conquest and war. Can your forces defeat your rivals before they grind you under their boot? Fully expandable, the system will showcase two new mages with each edition, as well as new hex boards, troops, magic and more. Gathered together, these different editions will create a massive game system which will devour hours of your time, so be warned, this game can be additive.

This second set covers the forces and magic of the Arch-Druid and the desert realm of the Mystic. Each set comes with enough counters, map tiles and goodies to play, and when combined with other sets you create a massive game system where several players can struggle for control of the magical realms of Mage War.


Note that this is not a compete game and requires that you have a copy of Mini-Game #40, Mage Wars, Call to Arms.