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Mage Dice: Card and Dice Boardgame

$ 44.99

Introducing Mage Dice, the exciting board and card game played with Dice, brought to you by Dragons Fire Games. Mage Dice is perfect for all ages – play it as a family or challenge your friends! As an Apprentice Mage, you have to gather Essence with your dice and examine face down Puzzle Shards in the Nether. You can place a Puzzle Shard face up if it matches your dice color and place a non-matching puzzle Shard back in the Nether. The goal is to complete your Spell Puzzle first – whoever does, wins the game! With fast paced and frantic gameplay or slow and methodical playstyles available, everyone can choose how they want to experience this thrilling adventure. Grab your set of Mage Dice from Dragons Fire Games now!