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Low Life: Rise of the Lowly - RPG Corebook

$ 39.95

This entirely redredged version of the original Low Life RPG features all new art and writing, an originally immersive layout, and much more. Gazillions of years in the future the vaunted Hoomanrace is extinct and Oith's dominant lifeforms evolved from cockroaches, snack cakes, and the dregs that survived the various apocalypses in this highly original tabletop roleplaying game. Spork and Sorcery adventure in a shattered world inhabited by the descendants of cockroaches, worms, snack cakes, and stranded aliens. Discover the arcane secrets of hocus pokery, dementalism, smellcasting, and contanimation. Battle hideous beasts risen from the rubble of ancient civilizations. Enjoy a light lunch at the Primordial Soup Kitchen. Mutha Oith is a bold land where even the lowliest croach can become a king by his own mop and the most wretched gob of filth can become a gawd. Are you werm enough to follow your destiny? Do you have the nuggets to take your rightful place among Oith’s most valiant heroes? If so, strap on your esophagator hide shield, pick up your battle spork and your big ass cleaver, mount your pygmy slog, whisper a prayer to Jelvis, kiss your larvae goodbye, and open the goosin’ book. The muck-riddled road to epic adventure stands before you…
The Savage Worlds rules system is required to play the game, but not necessarily to enjoy the book. Approximately 300 pages, Hard Bound, Full Color, profusely illustrated. Written and Illustrated by Andy Hopp.