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Lex Arcana: Mysteries of the Empire Volume II

$ 39.00

MYSTERIES OF THE EMPIRE II. LEX ARCANA IS A HISTORICAL-FANTASY ROLEPLAYING GAME SET IN A ROMAN EMPIRE THAT NEVER FELL. This volume collects several official adventures for Lex Arcana, second edition, until now only available digitally, plus exciting special content: a new adventure, Escape from the Celtic Tomb, set in Britannia; By the Will of the Gods, the introductory adventure from Lex Arcana’s Quickstarter, never republished; the “old school” adventure Under the Black Hill; the solo adventure Alone Against the Secret City; The Shadows of the Past, the epic conclusion of the sweeping adventures started with the Core Rulebook. From the shores of the Mare Nostrum to the frozen lands of the north, the Custodes will face the perils and pitfalls of the ancient world amid dark prophecies, monsters of myth, and shadowy powers aiming to overturn the fate of our Empire without end!