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Lex Arcana: Mysteries of the Empire Vol. 1

$ 35.00

    LEX ARCANA IS AN HISTORICAL-FANTASY ROLEPLAYING IN A ROMAN EMPIRE THAT NEVER FELL. This volume is a collection of all the adventures realized during the launch campaign for Lex Arcana, second edition: a wide range of dangerous tasks, epic deeds and worldshaking missions perfectly suited for both one shots or as part of something larger. From the western beaches of Hispania to the eastern borders of Thracia, the Custodes will travel not only the length and breath of the Empire, but also the different styles and endless creativity of some of best authors in the world, gathered for the first time under the banner of Roma Victrix!

     Book content: Beyond the Limes by Ciro Alessandro Sacco. The stone of the Ruteni by Andrea Marengo. Beacon of hope by David Esbrì. From Vesper till Aurora by Mauro Longo. The nymph and the senator by Francesca Garello and Andrea Angiolino. The flames of Pompeii by Laura Cardinale. The eye of Cyclops by Marco Rafalà. The sons of Caligula by Mark Rein Hagen. The house of wine by Gareth Hanrahan. To live and let die in Byzantium by Michele Garbuggio and Francesco Nepitello. Lex Arcana - Mysteries of the Empire the shortest way to the adventure!