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Lex Arcana: Dacia and Thracia - Storm at the Empire's Borders

$ 45.00

 LEX ARCANA IS THE ALTERNATE HISTORY ROLE-PLAYING GAME SET IN A ROMAN EMPIRE WHICH DID NOT FALL. This official setting module for Lex Arcana describes the wild and dangerous Provinces of Dacia and Thracia, and offers a report about cold and lethal Scythia, the land which lays beyond the Danube limes.

     These harsh and merciless borderlands, dominated by eerie roars and the pervasive clanging of steel, are haunted by primal terrors, bloodthirsty monsters and marauders who have crossed the border to plunder the Empire’s outposts. At the same time, huge treasures, ancestral secrets and mysteries hidden for generations await the fearless Custodes of the Cohors Auxiliaria Arcana, for the greater glory of Rome.

     Dacia and Thracia contains: Details on countries, main cities and prominent individuals from the two provinces on the Danube. Countless hints and hooks for adventures and scenarios, focused on the greatest dangers of these territories and the lands of Scythia, their most fabled treasures and most gruesome mysteries. Tens of tables and sidebars with artefacts, encounters and other dangers to enrich game sessions. New Rules, Specializations, Weapons, Equipment and Magic Disciplines. New Enemies, Monsters, Indigitamenta, Rituals and Magic Abilities. Three breath-taking adventures that will lead the Custodes from the gloomy forests of Dacia to the grassy plains of Thracia, and on to the gilded and blood-stained tombs of Scythia.

Are you ready to face the storm at the Empire Borders?