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Lex Arcana: Britannia - of Mists, Specters and Sorceries

$ 45.00

  BRITANNIA Of Mists, Specters, and Sorceries. LEX ARCANA IS THE ALTERNATE HISTORY ROLE-PLAYING GAME SET IN A ROMAN EMPIRE WHICH DID NOT FALL. This official setting module for Lex Arcana explores the mysterious and cryptic Province of Britannia. Britannia is a fierce land of warrior people, illusions, and inexplicable magic – the only Province where Rome was forced to build a Vallum to protect its borders. Here, the Cohors Arcana will face primordial forces, blood rites, and otherworldly powers whose nature the Empire yet ignores.  

     Britannia contains: Details on all regions, main cities, and prominent individuals from the shores of the Oceanus Britannicus to the sacred border of Hadrian’s Vallum and further north still, to the icy lands of the Caledoni, at the world’s edge. Countless tips for playing adventures involving the island’s many magical traditions, horrid druidic blood rituals, ancient warrior societies, the mysteries lying beyond the Vallum, and even unfamiliar divinities. Tens of tables and sidebars with artefacts, encounters and other dangers to enrich game sessions. New Rules, Specializations, Weapons, Equipment, and Magic Artifacts. New Enemies, Monsters, Indigitamenta, and Rituals. Three thrilling adventures that will plunge the Custodes into the complex web of local politics, force them to face the perils of the icy northern seas, and place them at the center of a surprising version of the Arthurian legend. Are you ready to face Britannia’s grim mysteries and illusions?