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Legendary Bestiaries: Mediterranean Monsters (5e)

$ 34.99

Mediterranean Monsters brings you 184 pages of incredible 5th Edition creatures from across the Mediterranean Sea, from adamastor to zorra berradeira! Within these pages, you’ll find creatures to challenge any adventurer, from minor menaces like the greedy gatto mammone and clever ozaena to suzerains the sky like the venerable nuberu and wise omok tannou. Restless dead like the mischievous munaciello and beastly vrykolakas appear alongside fiends like the furious alecto and sly h’awouahoua, dread dragons like the cuélebre and tarantasio, and titans of destruction like the towering talos and hundred-handed hekatonkheires! In addition to entirely new creatures like these, you’ll find an abundant variety of new versions of familiar creatures like basilisks, centaurs, cyclops, pegasus, gorgons, harpies, hydras, medusas, and titans!

Wherever your campaign takes you, you’ll find an incredible collection of marvelous monsters to challenge the mightiest heroes. They are perfect for running a campaign directly inspired by the classical cultures of southern Europe and northern Africa, of course, but are equally awesome whenever you just need exciting new creatures your players may have never seen before! This incredible 5E monster book has been developed with a creative team of over a dozen authors and artists from the folklore of Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Algeria, Morocco, Libya, Tunisia, Malta, and Sardinia, beautifully illustrated and ready to help Make Your Game Legendary!