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Legacy: The Engine of Life

$ 24.95

Legacy: The Engine of Life expands on the core game, providing a range of ways to
move your post-apocalyptic wasteland towards rebirth and new life. This book greatly expands Legacy’s ability to tell stories of the society that forms in the ruins of the old world. It includes systems for founding Festivals that’ll be celebrated generations down the line, ways of retiring characters to make a permanent impact to the world, and allows players to collaborate in building impressive and world-changing Wonders. It also includes faction and character options that push play in a collaborative, optimistic direction: the theatrical Eternal Masquerade revitalise the wasteland’s culture, the Matchmaker strives to build healthy and fruitful relationships across the wasteland, and the Timestream Refugees strive to make sure the future will be better than the doom they fled back in time from. There are 13 new playbooks to pick from, each impacting
the world the group creates and the story they tell together. Finally, the book includes guidance on running the game: essays on Love, Tradition and Culture and Religion from
authors James Mendez Hodes, Chris Farnell and Sawyer Rankin, and a quickstart adventure tasking players with protecting their city from reactionary factions seeking to cause another apocalypse.