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Legacy: End Game

$ 24.95

Legacy: End Game expands on the core game, providing a range of ways to increase the drama and peril of your post-apocalyptic wasteland and fight against a final end.
This book greatly expands Legacy’s ability to tell stories of desperate survival in the
ruins of the future. Rules for building greater horrors in world creation and adding a doom clock help a GM add a greater sense of peril to the game, while the Traitor role and tweaked Treaty rules encourage players to turn on other factions - and even betray their own. Wonders like the Tartarus Site and the Race to the Stars give players an opportunity to escape insurmountable threats - if they can trust each other. It also includes faction and character options that push play in a perilous, tense direction: the Deathless Elite wring the wasteland dry to maintain their immortality, the Eldritch Servants conduct dark rites to appease their alien gods, and the Road Warrior leaves a trail of destruction behind them as they try to outrun their past. There are 13 new
playbooks to pick from, each impacting the world the group creates and the story they tell together. Finally, the book includes GM assistance: essays on Isolation, Tragedy, Creative Playing and Strategy from guest authors, and a quickstart adventure of high-octane action and danger on a monster-haunted moon.