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Kung Fu U, Mini-Game #11 PDF

$ 4.99

John could not believe his luck. His first day at Kung Fu University, and already he was involved in a duel. He had trained all his life to be able to test his skills in the martial arts, and here he was already getting a chance.

As he stood his ground, his tiger claw held high and ready, John watched his foe. She was a little thing, all dressed up in a bright floral dress with a blue ribbon in her hair. Maybe after the duel, they could go get a glass of milk together he thought to himself.

That's when she hit him.

Waking up on the grass, John rubbed his chin where the girl in the flower dress had hit him. She stood over him offering a hand up.

"Your Kung Fu was good, but mine was better," she said with a smile as she walked away.

Maybe school would be a bit tougher then he thought, John mused as he chased after her, asking if she could show him how she did that kick.

This is Kung Fu U, the game of martial arts combat and fun times. Can you out fight your foes before they bring you down with a surprise attack. Can your Kung Fu out shine your foe's skills. Find out who is the best of the best with this exciting Mini-Game from Avalon Games.