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Kung Fu U 2, Mini-Game #51 PDF

$ 2.49

The Ninja watched as the young Samurai walked into the training arena. This would be the final exam for both of these warriors, and only one would pass the class. With blinding speed, the Samurai drew his Katana and charged the black clad Ninja. Just as fast the Ninja was gone, swallowed up in a cloud of black smoke and nasty smelling vapor. All that could be heard were a few loud thuds, and as the smoke cleared, all looked down upon the Ninja warrior, who now stood over the fallen form of his foe.

This is Kung Fu U, the Sequel, the game of martial arts combat and fun times. Can you out fight your foe before they bring you down with a surprise attack? Can your Kung Fu out shine your foes skills? Find out who is the best of the best with this exciting Mini-Game from Avalon Games. While a full game in an of itself, when combined with the first edition of Kung-Fu U, these two game will expand the system and allow you to play even more fun games of Kung U madness.

Note that this is not a complete game and requires that you have a copy of Mini-Game #11, Kung-Fu U