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Cursed Empire: Knight Sourcebook

$ 22.99

This is the second Core Class supplement for Cursed Empire FRPG. It focus's on the Knight Class of Character and introduce some new classes and additional rules to assist in enriching the game experience.

The supplement contains the following:

  • Flavour Text, Origins of the Knight Orders and their rituals
  • 30 Knight Orders and their emblems: Knight Orders of the Old Empire, Knight Orders of the Fallen Empire, Knight Orders of Karnarcos: Old and New
  • Interaction Chart, 12 illustrated Knight Order NPCh's
  • 7 full page Knight Illustrations
  • The Batica Class: glory driven gladiators with a hidden agenda and rumoured links to the Renegade Gods of old, Squires, Pages, Shield-Bearers and Knights: additional Class material.
  • Master Horsemen of Nardam bonus background
  • The Centaur Race is developed further (see Darkun Sourcebook)
  • Heraldry and the importance of emblems and symbols in Cursed Empire, How to design Orders and Emblems
  • Duels and Tournaments: their significance and annual calendar
  • Imperial Keep game aid: ready to use in any scenario
  • Sanctity of the Earth complete scenario