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Kitsune of Foxes & Fools

$ 50.00

In this card game of strategy, tactics - and luck, players choose one of 15 kitsune (Japanese fox-spirits, pronounced kit-soo-nay) to scheme against (mostly) mortal fools and earn additional tails. Trick cards help the Foxes construct impressive schemes. The Fools learn the error of their ways when the Foxes’ schemes succeed, but the Foxes earn Consequence cards when they fail. Players want to gain all nine tails of the mythical spirit fox and earn their place among the kitsune elders. Along the way, they cooperate and compete, giving a lively and ever-changing game experience.

The game comes with:
15 fox cards
70 fool cards (35 uniques)
100 tricks (40 uniques)
60 consequences (30 uniques)
double-sided fox-fire tokens
tail tokens
2 d10 dice
28-page, full-color rule booklet.